C.G. Jung said “You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.” Indeed I have tried a diversity of ventures, but the venture that gives me the most joy in doing remains teaching. Teaching also means that you must learn. It acknowledges, that there is much that I do not know. It accepts the challenge to learn about those things and to share that knowledge with other people. When people do not listen, I would gladly teach my dog, Shadow McMillan. Teaching is within me, and more than just the words of the lecture. What joy it is in the craft. I accept both the challenges and the opportunities of the craft.

My advice is to do that career which gives you joy. Be careful of the power of your words. For as Dr. Dollar said, “Words are things.” Each teaching day reminds me that I am not perfect, but also reminds me that each day is also an opportunity to be thankful.

Shout out to the “giants” that came before me, upon whose shoulders I stand.

Teaching Triad

Inspired by Kene Evans 2-23-2019

  1. Science of Teaching
  2. Art of Teaching
  3. Ministry of Teaching

I have some work to do in each area. That challenge gives me joy! 

-Dr. Tyson McMillan